Resistive Chocolate

Ola Complañeros!

On Wednesday the 6th of August the group woke to a rude announcement: the road we were going to take to our day activity in Huayapan, was blocked. By the Teacher´s Union. By now, this Union has taken up epic proportions in our collective mind, as they always seem to be protesting against something. Later, we would hear that they are not taken seriously anyhow anymore.

Anyway, this of course couldn´t kill the fun.


No, Gracias

An eventful, but less academic, day was about to start. A van fully packed with fourteen students, a guide, a member of UniTierra and the descendent of Professor Vazquéz was ready to bring all the passengers to the ruins of Monte Albán. Once arrived, the students had to cross a Read more…

Semi Group Picture


After another tortilla meal in the morning, we all met at the university (Unitierra) around nine o’clock. A little van was waiting for us there, obviously it was too small for all of us, very Mexican ;). This van took us to the archeological site ‘Monte Alban’, which is about Read more…