After another tortilla meal in the morning, we all met at the university (Unitierra) around nine o’clock. A little van was waiting for us there, obviously it was too small for all of us, very Mexican ;). This van took us to the archeological site ‘Monte Alban’, which is about 30 minutes from Oaxaca City. Monte Alban literally means ‘white mountain’, the mountain has to thank its name to the Spanish invaders. At the time of the year they arrived the mountain was covered by trees full of white flowers. Keep in mind that the Spanish renamed the mountain, it already had a name.

Monte Alban was a beautiful site, which left a deep impression on us. It was very interesting to see how these ancient society’s presumable have lived their lives. Furthermore, this was the first time that we all together explored the city and its surroundings outside of the university. At Monte Alban many sombreros were for sale. Luckily we both bought one, because it turned out to be very handy during the rest of the day.

After Monte Alban we all went for lunch in a local restaurant (with a roof of leaves). It was a very nice place to sit and to try new Mexican dishes. We had a few big plates with all kinds of different small things (e.g. grasshoppers), this was shared with the whole table. Next to this everybody was able to try a dish of their own.

After lunch, we went to the botanical gardens across the street. It’s a garden created by two artists, and the only plants present in the garden are local flora. Like the Oaxaca tree, trees with spices (such as many different chillies – this is very interesting to see because they all grow in the direction of the sun, so upwards instead of downwards). Furthermore, they had many very old and huge cactuses. We spent approximately two hours in the garden.

After the garden, we had some free time which we spent walking around at the local market. Various local artists sell their lovely handicrafts there. Furthermore, we entered a little bookshop were we both bought a children’s book (Cinderella) in Spanish, in order to improve our Spanish.

This is it for now, we had a lovely day! And soon a new post will follow!!

Adios amigos 🙂

Lotte & Kyra


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